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Alex Romero

Founder and CEO


I truly believe that all of society’s problems today start and end with Education. The path to Enlightenment is a never ending one. Aside from working in Logistics Professionally for 15 years; I taught myself how to build websites, digital marketing, social media, code my own Linux Operating System, was Executive A+R for a Record Label (before Spotify destroyed the industry), I also worked in Hospitality for 5 years leading up to 2017. The last 4 years from 2017, have been spent doing in-depth grad level studies on Economics, Monetary Policy, Physics and disruptive technologies like Blockchain/Distributed Ledgers, A.I., and anything classified as Industry 4.0 Technology.

My research has led me to design an Ecosystem founded on Education. As we continue to innovate at mind altering speeds our outlook on Education needs to change to a Lifelong Learning Model. With this in mind; UCAT.IO is not only “The Center of edUCATIOn”; it’s a Human Resource Manager sitting on a Semi-Public Permissioned Blockchain with a built-in Learning Management System designed for the Continuity of Civilization in a Post Automation World. At some point which will integrate AI/ML techniques to collect first hand insights across various industries and sectors 

Once fully deployued, this Lifelong Learning Management System (LMS) will allow for you to EARN while you LEARN. Your acquired knowledge is tokenized as NFTs which gain value with your experience over time. EduDEX.io is our Decentralized Exchange (DEX) for ideas and knowledge that you acquire and validate on our LMS. Think of EduDEX as a place for you to trade your knowledge/skills as labor for compensation from an employer. This architecture opened the door for us to experiment with a new kind of governance topology using NFTs to create what I call a QTM Oracles or Super Nodes.

Read more about QTM Oracles here:
Click Here to Learn More About QTM Oracles

If you are an academic, an educator, a researcher, a coach, a guru, a philanthropist/angel investor; and this interests you, feel free to reach out. This is a new realm of possibility and thinking. Always looking for good people to add to the cause!


CTO, Senior Software Engineer of Apple Co.
Senior Software Development, Project Manager, Cisco Network
Team Leader, Software Design and Development, Asus
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Computer Engineering


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Contact Info

Phone : (1)-310-818-3322
Email : alex@ucat.io